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Integi offers a complete range of knurling tools and wheels for bot cut and pressure knurling applications.

The comprehensive range of Integi cut and pressure knurling tools is now available to improve knurl quality and significantly reduce costs.
Pressure knurling is done by cold forming the material whereas cut knurling actually removes material like a milling tool.   Integi has a full line-up of economical knurls to accomodate all requirments including cross hatch (diamond), straight and angled forms.  They come with a variety of options to optimize knurling perfomance and can be manufactured as conical, convex and concave styles upon request.
Knurling tool holders are offered for both conventional and CNC machines in single, double and multi-wheel versions for pressure knurling.   Variants include units with revolving heads that enable three different knurl patterns to be accomodated and pivoting/reversible head units which allow for both left and right hand use.

The Integi MFCNC series of tools are for cut knurling and comprise two wheels plus a scale to set the correct position of the knurls for a given workpiece diameter.  They can produce low-cost diamond knurling patterns at 30, 45 and 60 degrees on diameters up to 250mm.
Selection guides, knurling technology and recommened speeds and feeds are provided in the Integi knurling products catalogue.

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