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SUHNER Automation Systems

SUHNER excels at machine spindles and tapping range

Recognised as leaders in the field of machining units and machine spindles for drilling, milling and tapping operations,  SUHNER automation systems  supply a variety of applications. Suhner specialises in machine spindles like single or multi spindle heads with quill or slide feed, electric motor or multi spindle flexible drives systems. They now offer a range of RobotMaster fully automated robot tools.

Match the Suhner automation system or unit to your operations

MONOMASTER: Drill and quill combined units, BEM-3, BEM-6, BEM-6D, BEM-12, BEM-12D, BEM-12VC, BEM-20, BEM-28 and BEM-28H

MULTIMASTER: Flexible shafts-driven quill type machining units, BEW-3, BEW-6, BEW-12, BEWI-4, BEWI-6, BEWI-12. VG-4 and VG-8 drive systems are also available

POWERMASTER: Machine spindles and pneumatic slide units, BEX-15, BEX-35

TAPMASTER: Tapping units with leadscrew and tapping attachments, GEM-6, GEM-8, GEM-12, GEM-20, and GEX 30-90

CNCMASTER: CNC controlled machine spindles and slide units, BEA-16CNC, BEA-25CNC,

POLYDRILL: Multispindle milling, drilling and tapping heads. Available in 2 spindle, 3 spindle and 4 spindle variants. Fixed spacing heads also available

ROBOTMASTER: Tools for fully automated surface finishing, drilling and milling operations.

An exceptional history in Automation Systems

With 100+ years of precision and reliability, this Swiss family-owned company has been an Automation Systems expert since 1965. Romheld Automation has a long-standing supplier partnership with Suhner and can recommend their expertise in machine spindles and all variations of machining units.

A core value of the Suhner strategy is based on the high versatility of their modular component system and the know-how of their Automation experts. In most cases, their machining units are designed so operations can be performed simultaneously, independent of the work piece dimensions and the number of machining operations.

SUHNER can also offer the most complete program in modular components for your own design and build project which can be supported with Suhner 2D or 3D CAD software. Or choose a turnkey solution through their experienced machine tool building departments.  Talk to Romheld about your requirements or send us a note from Contact Us.

More information on the complete range of SUHNER Automation products can be found on the SUHNER web site at Suhner Automation


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.