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Cool Tools Case Studies

A Case Study on a Quick Clamping Device + Assembly Jig by WEH

In order to facilitate assembly works at mixing faucets and avoid damage to the mixing faucet during assembly, the WEH TW17P is being used as a quick clamping device in the customer’s assembly jig at Grohe Siam Ltd.

The mixing faucet is held by two pneumatically actuated TW17P connectors. The connection is established by the clamping jaws of the TW17P that grip into the threaded ports of the mixing faucet.

The customer’s assembly device can be turned by 90 degrees enabling the necessary assembly works from all sides. There is no need to remove the mixing faucet from the retaining device, so accidental damage is avoided.

WEH Quick Clamping devices benefits

  • enhanced productivity
  • reduced scrap rate and damage to the mixing faucet during assembly
  • easy access to mixing faucet from all sides
  • small footprint

More WEH clamping solutions: Fast & Easy Leak Testing of Expanded Tubes

Safe, reliable leak tight connections are of the utmost importance, especially when sealing tubes with expanded end profiles. Most systems will seal swaged tube ends from the outside. As the contours & surface finish of the expanded tube ends may vary substantially (sometimes they can even be irregular), the risk of leakage is very high.

It can be a common problem when leak testing components that the connection between test piece and connector is not leak-tight. The resulting downtime increases operating costs by slowing down production.

So pressure-tight connections are essential in fluid handling systems when sealing for pressure and function testing in order to maintain high quality assurance standards. Finding the ideal ‘solution’ is not always easy… read the full article.

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