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Machine Tooling Case Studies

A Case Study on integrating Machine Vices by Hilma

Machine vice meets a world first

Since 2014, German company Uwe Krumm Burbach GmbH (UKB) has been using the first CNC 5-axis milling centre DMF 600 linear from DMG Mori delivered to Europe in the production of complex edging tools and in contract manufacturing. Results have been exceptional.

The innovation, presented at the EMO 2013 as a world first, with a six-meter machine bed and a rotary table is designed for a workpiece weight of up to ten tonnes. Clamping of workpieces at UKB for all processing and on all 14 milling machines is made with only two types of vices, regardless of the material, the size and the geometry of the component.


The inside scoop from Hilma

The new machining centre extended the machinery of the milling shop to 14 CNC milling centres. Due to its large size, the new acquisition was particularly suitable for long and heavy workpieces, but because of the integrated NC rotary table and its dynamic performance, UKB use this milling centre especially for 5-axis complete machining of complex edging tools and in heavy-duty machining.

“In view of our rapid company growth, we were looking in 2013 for an efficient machine particularly for this purpose”, explained the production engineer. “Depending on the geometry and size, there are up to seventy percent swarf when producing an edging tool.” The blank for a 5 metre long top tool for a producer of facade sheets weighed six tonnes, the weight of the delivered part was just 1.5 tonnes. The verdict? “A powerful cutting performance is very important. Because many workpieces we machine are made from hard and tough Hardox steel.”

“…fast, flexible and accurate” with Hilma

In order to be fast, flexible and accurate, the company uses only HILMA machine vices of the NC160 and VL160 series of ROEMHELD on all of the 14 milling machines . The configuration varies from five vices on the smaller milling machines up to 14 vices on the new machine. Peter Diehl, Head of Production says: “On all machining centres we have the best experiences – no matter what kind of materials, geometry, sizes, processing modes. We can use the vices for simple punching as well as in 5-axis machining and complex machining applications where the component must be moved several times. They are highly precise, always reliable and easy to use.”

See more about our Romheld Automation vice products from HILMA.


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