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IMAO One-Touch Fasteners

Mechanical quick release fasteners for frequent changeover of machinery or fixtures

IMAO One-Touch Fasteners are mechanical quick release fasteners for frequent changeover of machinery or fixtures. Quick and easy tool-less clamping reduces set up time in changeover by as much as half. These are helpful to eliminate errors in assembly and installation with simplified procedures. In addition, food manufacturers benefit from these one-touch fasteners where equipment is regularly disassembled for cleaning. Any manufacturer that needs to reconfigure production equipment frequently will appreciate one-touch fasteners.

Secure Clamping

With the unique cam locking / ball locking mechanism, these quick one-touch fasteners are an alternative to screws for quick changeover with no tools. Quality crafted in stainless steel, dozens of variations are available including:

  • Quarter turn clamps – Easy-to-read On/Off position
  • Retractable quarter turn clamps – No interference by retractable shank
  • Knob locking pins – Secure clamping with wedge
  • Button locking pins – Securely locked upon releasing button
  • Magnet-lock clamping pins – Install or remove maintenance cover plates

One-Touch clamps slash workpiece set up time with turning handles. The spiral cam mechanism provides high clamping force. These are incredibly efficient clamps to increase overall productivity. Users appreciate their versatility in automation to attach any number of parts and to handle machine chucks, rotary blades and machinery maintenance covers.


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IMAO grows its range of clamping products

IMAO’s Pneumatic Clamping Fasteners are automated quick fasteners with air for quick change applications. Instant pneumatic clamping slashes setup time in multiple-parts holding and frequent changeover of machinery or fixture.

See Pneumatic Clamp Fasteners in action:

About IMAO

Founded in Japan in 1935 as Imao Foundry, the company broadened in 1961 to become Imao Manufacturing to produce standard machine elements. During the 1980s they began manufacturing and selling modular fixturing systems as well as AutoCAD systems and their own software development. They also imported parts from German manufacturers of parity or complementary products.

One-Touch Clamps were developed in 2004, winning a Good Design award in 2006. One-Touch Fasteners followed in 2012 and have become the ‘gold standard’ in machining assembly and installation procedures.

Talk to us about IMAO One-Touch Fasteners. See our page on more IMAO clamps.

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