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With German-made precision, SCHUNK chucks are sure to offer the right chuck for any holding application.  Don’t settle for second best. SCHUNK chucks are world renowned for leading edge technology delivering superior workholding results for over 50 years. For CNC production lathes, the SCHUNK lathe chuck program offers a comprehensive range of chucks to suit your needs and budget. And yes, talk to us to help you select the ideal solution from SCHUNK.

Lathe Chucks for high demand machining tasks

SCHUNK manufacture a variety of lathe chucks including manual chucks, power chucks with quick change jaw system, power chucks with and without through hole capability, pneumatic chucks and special chucks and accessories.

About 40,000 standard lathe chucks are sold worldwide and over 1,200 different types of standard chuck jaws for quality-assured rigid gripping, quality tested by SCHUNK. They continue to develop and innovate state-of-the-art machining solutions

Let us help you specify the right chuck or toolholding solution

SCHUNK can also customise clamping solutions for unique modifications. When you talk to us at Romheld Automation, we can help you figure out if you need an enlarged jaw stroke, modified base jaw interfaces or lathe chucks with reduced clamping force –all part of our experience to help SCHUNK create the right custom clamps for any application.

Check out the range of SCHUNK chucks

For a jaw change in less than 60 seconds with modularly exchangeable protection sleeves, look at these unique Power Lathe chucks in the SCHUNK ROTA series. If you know them by name, find different chuck products here, direct on the SCHUNK product pages and order when you Contact us.

  • ROTA THW plus with 24 variants
  • ROTA THW vario in 3 variants
  • ROTA THWB – High precision power chucks with quick change jaw system using the wedge bar clamping system for universal CNC lathes
ROTA NCX Jaw quick-change chuck

Power lathe chucks for quick jaw change on CNC lathes with short-stroke cylinder. Directly interchangeable with Kitagawa B series to optimise production, the ROTA NCX stands out for its integrated jaw change system and reduced weight.

Here’s how: It’s no longer necessary to repeatedly turn the chuck jaws with this quick-change system. It’s reliable because it is fitted with a jaw presence monitor. The wrench can be easily removed from the chuck when the base jaws are properly engaged in the serration of the wedge bar. 

For technical data on the ROTA NCX with 11 variants, visit the Schunk website.

The large range of SCHUNK Chucks with through-hole allows machining of raw materials with large diameters. Easy clamping with hardened functional components ground on all sides ensures a high degree of run-out and repeat accuracy for all universal CNC lathes.

Visit the SCHUNK Power Lathe Chucks with Through-Hole Product page on their website. You’ll find details on all their standard models and variants including:

  • ROTA NCE, the 3-jaw power chuck with up to 40% less inertia in 14 variants
  • ROTA NC plus 2, another 3-jaw power lathe chuck with 26 variants
  • ROTA NCD, another 3-jaw power lathe chuck with 44 variants
  • ROTA NCF plus 2 as the NC styles with centrifugal force compensation in 23 variants
  • ROTA NCK plus in 22 variants


SCHUNK Chucks without a center bore are very well protected against dirt and chips and well-suited for special applications. Used in both vertical and horizontal lathes, these Power Lathe Chucks have limitless applications.

See the range of Power Lathe Chucks without Through-Hole on the SCHUNK Product Finder page. There you can find specification details for their models ROTA NCO, ROTA NCR, ROTA 2B, ROTA NCR 3-jaw and ROTA NCR 6-jaw.

For machining pipes and comparable workpieces with an integrated clamping cylinder, these chucks offer extremely large through-bores in a range of diameters. Look on the Pneumatic Power Chucks Product Finder page for details and specifications on ROTA TP, ROTA TB, ROTA TB-LH, ROTA TB2 and ROTA TB2-LH.

Solving complex clamping tasks are everyday events for SCHUNK master machinists. You can define and specify your requirements to create a hybrid chuck, compensating chuck, 4-jaw power chuck or lever chuck with large jaw stroke. You’ll find details for their unique range of custom chucks on the Custom Chuck Product Finder page featuring the ROTA BEV, ROTA HSH, ROTA NCM, ROTA NCM-L, ROTA HSA, ROTA DFF, and ROTA 4B.

BONUS: For industry insights from around the globe, see more about their SCHUNK Customised Solutions with Clamping Case Study examples. 

This Quick-Change Chuck system allows rapid chuck changes in less than three minutes that can be retrofitted to almost any lathe. This is a patented drive for high pull-down forces, unique to SCHUNK. See details on the product page for SCHUNK ROTA FSW.

For stationary use when no hydraulics are engaged at the machining centre, the SCHUNK ROTA-S flex or ROTA-S plus 2.0 Stationary are the chucks of choice. These are weight-optimised 3-jaw chucks, manually actuated in many variants. SPK sealed Jaw Boxes also available. See details for these products on the web page for SCHUNK Manual Chuck Product Finder.

Looking for Chuck Jaws or Toolholders? See our other products from SCHUNK

As part of our Machine Tooling and Workholding range, we also distribute Schunk Chuck Jaws, SCHUNK Toolholders and SCHUNK Gripper Systems.  To see their full range of Clamping Solution products, visit the SCHUNK website.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.