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Clamping small components or large-volume workpieces with precision is simple and quick with the range of machine vices as well as clamping jaws and inserts.

Quality clamping and machine vise range

Prevent tool breakage and machine downtime with the right HILMA machine vice, clamping jaws or arch clamps.

  • For mechanical applications try the DS, Duo, MSH, MC and SCS varieties
  • For mechanical-hydraulic we offer EL, NC, KNC, TS, DF, VL
  • For hydraulic only we have NC, MC, ZH, HSF

This series offers high-precision reproducibility of clamping forces to guarantee maximum possible repetitive accuracy of the clamping process with better clamping quality.

Arch Clamps for flat clamping edge

Double acting clamping force 30 to 450 kN, with mechanical lock and option for position monitoring at the side. Extremely sturdy and process-safe, easy to unclamp even after the hardest use. High sliding properties and corrosion resistant with a special coating process. Download the Arch Clamp Spec Sheet.

Where to use a HILMA machine vise

Every HILMA machine vice is great for the range of vertical, horizontal, 5-axis and mill turn machine clamping operations. A range of high-precision, powerful vises come in sizes and configurations to suit every possible application.

Two designs offer the right fit for tool making, mould making, construction of jigs and fixtures and production.

An optional angle drive can be retrofitted to facilitate operation, as in case of longitudinal clamping on the machine table.

Look at the popular MCP series

These three different vices are designed for 5 axis and production work with position flexible clamping. 

  • MCP traditional with one fixed jaw and one moving. 
  • MCP balance where the jaws float to grip the workpiece wherever it is rather than where the vice is
  • MCP concentric incorporates precision self-centering mechanism with two moving jaws for clamping at the exact center of the rotary table.

Clamping jaws and inserts to match

HILMA clamping jaws and inserts with grip help increase the retention force for NC machine vices with clamping force display, clamping bars with inserts, grip inserts for clamping bars, HM coated inserts for fixed jaw and slide, grip inserts for fixed jaw and slide, or HM coated.

Using clamping jaws or jaw inserts with coating or grip serrated, the retention forces for safe clamping of workpieces can be considerably increased. Only machine vices with clamping force display allow the controlled use of these clamping jaws/inserts.

Hilma Vise models and benefits at a glance

  • Vise jaw widths of 100, 125 and 160mm
  • Grip forces to 50kN and workpiece capacity of 573mm.
  • Compact, double clamping and multiple clamping systems are
  • Also in tower and tri-star tower vises.
  • MC and SCS range of specialist 5-axis vises in widths from 60 to 120mm for excellent tool access in 5-axis machining applications.
  • High flexibility and grip forces with excellent rigidity
  • Simple and quick cleaning or retrofitting
  • Easy adjustment of clamping range with socket pins
  • Guideways hardened and ground

Watch Hilma Euroline Precision Machine Vises in action

Visit the HILMA ROEMHELD website for this HILMA VICE product.

We know what we’re talking about.

Our directors are at the front lines of all customer requests. They are engineers with experience who meet with you. They have first-hand knowledge in their fields and are always on the lookout for the latest, proven high quality advancements for factory automation.

You’ll find the most popular products specific to leading automation component manufacturers here on the Romheld website. Watch video clips for product demonstrations when available on specific product pages and feel free to visit the manufacturers’ website for more information. You’ll find a complete list at Our Suppliers.