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We help select and provide products to enhance factory automation in manufacturing and process industries. If you design or build machinery, special purpose equipment, process-integrated robots or an entire end-to-end manufacturing line, we can source the right products for you.

ATI Automatic Toolchangers

Automatic and Manual tool changers for quick change of robot End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) with a large range as standard from ATI, known precision leaders.

ATI Deburring Tools

Radially compliant deburring tools, Flexdeburr is a robust high speed light weight air driven turbine deburring unit to deburr aluminum, plastic, steel, more…

ATI Force & Torque Sensors

For electrical or mechanical assembly, product testing, material handling and medical research, ATI are global leaders for producing quality F/T sensors…

EXPERT Rotary Tables & Index Drives

As production line essentials, index drives, rotary tables, conveyors, shuttle systems and complete transport or positioning solutions are here…

GOUDSMIT Magnetic Grippers

EOAT magnetic grippers for automated handling with maximum ferromagnetic lifting power up to 600kg; plus many specialised and manual magnets…

GOUDSMIT Modular Palletizer

Integrators, packaging companies and food or chemical producers have choices to eliminate the need for an extra robot and save manpower.…


Hainbuch has developed a hexagonal mandrel with a pyramid shape instead of a round taper, the Maxxos T211. …                                                                                               

HEYPAC Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

A range of flow and pressure facilities can be supplied with basic hydraulic pumps or as a fully assembled power unit. Suited for fixed or mobile machinery…

IMAO One-Touch Fasteners

IMAO One-Touch Fasteners are mechanical quick release fasteners for frequent changeover of machinery or fixtures. 

KOSTYRKA® Hydraulic Clamping Systems

Hydraulic clamping systems and elements including clamping sleeves for machine tool builders and clamping parts replacements…

MiniBOOSTER Hydraulics

Oscillating pressure intensifiers to mount on low pressure hydraulic systems. miniBOOSTER offers a vast range of models to intensify system pressure…

PUSHCORP Compliance Tools & Electric Spindles

For grinding, polishing and other robotic material removal work, PushCorp is a leader in active and passive force control technology; electric spindles also…


Extend the life of your robots and components with protective custom-fit robot suits using high quality materials for harsh environments…

SAS Robot End of Arm Tooling

EOAT systems for palletising and bag or fork-style gripper systems, built to order or as standard kits and parts supplied to meet exact needs…


Cobots have helped bridge the knowledge gap and budget restraints in adopting robotics for many manufacturers. Suddenly, users who never had anything to do with robots ……

SCHUNK Gripper Systems

Precision grippers for automated handling systems for any workpiece matched to product. Big range of models available for all gripping requirements…


The IO-Link is an outstanding communication interface with simple installation to make it easy to transfer parameter and diagnostic data….


Recognised for their high quality TENDO E compact Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder that works across applications 

SOFT ROBOTICS Lead the way

Soft Robotics lead the way for next manufacturing boomFlexible industrial grippers from Soft Robotics are an ideal food safety solution and incredibly versatile…

SOFT ROBOTICS Gripper Systems

We now distribute Soft Robotics parts and control systems for Australia and New Zealand. These unique grippers are ideal for food production, pick & pack…

STOGER Screwdriver Systems

Screwdriving, fastening and assembly solutions with a range of hand held, automatic scre insertion, setting, riveting and feed units from Germany…

STOGER Automated Step Feeder

Stoeger Automation has long been recognised as a leader in screwdriving, riveting and feed technology. Here’s news on their step feeder system.

SUHNER Automation Systems

Machining units and machine spindles for drilling, milling and tapping operations in most configurations and fully automated robot tools.

TUNKERS Pneumatic Clamping

Power clamps, mini-clamps, Vario-Clamps, pneumatic swing clamps –all here from Tunkers plus arms and accessories to support clamp installation…

UNIGRIPPER HoverGrippper Vacuum Gripping for Moulded Plastics

Unigripper introduces HoverGripper, the unique gripping system for implosive containers like jars, bottles or moulded packaging.

UNIGRIPPER Unique, Gentle, Lightweight Co/Light

Unigripper introduces Co/Light vacuum gripper with snap in robot connection. This ultra-lightweight attachment is perfect for gentle, reliable payload movement.

UNIGRIPPER Intelligent Vacuum Grippers

Material handling with vacuum gripper technology in standard or custom modular systems for food, automotive, pharmaceutical and materials…

VESSEL Air Nippers

For cutting, crimping, gripping, breaking, bending, or punching plastic and metal components as manual tools or machine mounted with excellent features…

WEH Quick Connectors

Solve any connecting problem for super-fast, leak free connections without screwing. For automotive, gas processing, HVAC-R medical, industries and more…

Factory Automation products to advance your systems and applications

Here you will find a variety of robot grippers, linear units, robot end-of arm-tooling and other specialised equipment and accessories to assist in the design and build of automation systems that will meet or exceed the demands of Australian manufacturers.

Tool changers to gripping systems from top providers

We scour the globe for the latest, proven high quality components for factory automation that offer intelligent integration, flexibility and control. See our range of factory automation products specific to manufacturers, many of which have variations or specialised features.

Watch video clips for product demonstrations by suppliers when available on our Product pages and feel free to visit the manufacturers’ website for more information. When you’re ready to talk to Romheld, Contact Us.

Looking for specific product technology?