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SAS Robot End of Arm Tooling

EOAT parts made to match major robotic makes and models

SAS offer a range of End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) systems for palletising (palletizing) as well as modular, low cost bag grippers, clamp grippers and fork grippers for plastic and other light weight components.  SAS tooling products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be used with major makes of robots, including KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, FANUC and more.

Many SAS components are re-usable and can be built from a comprehensive line up of aluminium profiles, vacuum cups and extension arms, Sprue pliers and cutters, quick change systems, cylinders and rotary units and vacuum generators, modular gripper kits are also available.

End of Arm Tooling for Palletizing / Palletising

The SAS palletizing EOAT we distribute fall into three main categories, each manufactured to suit any make and style of robot.

  • adjustable bag grippers
  • clamping style grippers
  • fork-style grippers

SAS ABG Adjustable Bag Grippers are ideal for palletising plastic, woven cloth or paper bags containing grains, chemicals and pliable or granular bag contents. The SAS FBG Fixed Bag Gripper is also available for a set range of widths.

SAS Fork style grippers are clamp type grippers for picking boxes and sacks from a roller conveyor. Available in 50kg, 25kg, and lightweight 22kg models.

Learn more from resources at SAS Automation

Romheld Automation can help you select specific components to build up a gripper system or select from a range of standard gripper kits. Both design and build times are reduced significantly with no special tools or equipment required. Systems include a low cost quick-change chuck that can be fitted to any robot for efficient tool changes

SAS Automation create over 129,000 automation components. They have an excellent resource page to show solutions for different industry segments. See their modular components in-use for robotic End of Arm Tooling for:

  • Plastics industries
  • Palletizing for bags and boxes
  • Food handling industries
  • Metal handling industries

To find out more about the range of SAS Automation EOAT options, contact us or visit the SAS website.


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