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ROEMHELD Clamping Tools & Systems

Clamping tools made by the masters

Roemheld GmbH (Germany) offers a complete line of clamping tools, products and systems including high pressure hydraulic clamps in many clamping varieties along with work supports and accessories for use in hydraulic and other workholding fixtures.

High performance hydraulic clamps

Roemheld clamps provide high clamp forces and are designed for leak-free operation which means that even if the hydraulic supply is removed, the clamps are still effective.

The Roemheld range includes hydraulic swing clamps, hinge clamps, side clamps and bore clamps in various body sizes and configurations so the most appropriate unit can be selected, taking into account clamping force, available space and load/unload interference etc. Through the application of high pressure (up to 500 bar), smaller clamps can be used in the fixture to reduce costs and provide more parts per fixture, thus greatly improving productivity.

The clamps have a range of optional mountings, clamp arms and contact bolts to simplify selection and fixture design.

Hydraulic work supports also available

Hydraulic work supports help eliminate vibration during machining to enable heavier cutting conditions with improved quality. Hydraulic workpieces provide a self-adjusting rest and compensate deflection and vibration under heavy machining loads. See more about Roemheld hydraulic work supports on this 4:00 video.

Talk to us about Roemheld clamps and clamping tools

Roemheld supplies everything needed beyond clamps for hydraulic workholding fixtures, including a complete range of valves, couplings, hydraulic pumps and accessories. Sequence valves provide control of the clamping/unclamping sequence. See a range of product selection guides and descriptions on the web page for Roemheld hydraulic clamping.

Hydraulic fixtures using Roemheld clamps can be used in both vertical and horizontal machining centres, and in multi-pallet pool applications where it may be necessary to disconnect the hydraulics after part load/unload. Find more details and descriptions in our Romheld Product Guide.

See details for Roemheld hydraulic clamps and accessories directly on a comparison table for Hydraulic Clamping Elements on a dedicated page here at the Roemheld website.


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