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SCHUNK Toolholders

aToolholding solutions as innovative and precise systems by SCHUNK are available to meet every application. From high speed / micro machining to heavy duty large volume machining, SCHUNK have a range of products for a perfect solution.

We offer a range of SCHUNK toolholding systems

TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders
Available to suit all commercially available shank types the large selection of TENDO-branded hydraulic expansion toolholders ensures the right solution for almost any application. These toolholders deliver the highest run-out and repeat accuracy < 0.003 mm.

Available as Tendo E compact, Tendo slim 4ax, Tendo ES, Tendo, Tendo aviation, Tendozero (for zero point clamping), Tendo LSS, Tendo KSR, Tendoturn, Tendo WZS.  See our Special Offer on Starter Kit at big savings until 31 March 2020.

TRIBOS Polygonal toolholder
With its patented TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology the TRIBOS range is perfect for high precision micro machining. Available as SCHUNK Tribos S, Tribos R, Tribos mini, Tribos RM.

Tool grinding
The perfect solution for any tool grinding application, even for automated production with a versatile clamping range thanks to the use of intermediate sleeves.

Available as WZS special hydraulic clamping technology and Prismo3.

SINO-R expansion toolholder
A universal toolholder with a versatile range due to the use of intermediate sleeves. Ideally suited for large volume cutting, thread milling, drilling and cutting

CELSIO heat shrink toolholder
An economical clamping system for powerful metal cutting that offers secure friction-locked clamping for transmission of high torques. Ideal for high-speed machining up to 50,000 rpm. A good ratio between radial rigidity and interfering contour.

Mechanical toolholders
SCHUNK makes a large range of mechanical toolholders for every application. These are available as ER collet chucks, Weldon mount end mill holders, Combination milling arbors, Measuring head mountings and short drill chucks. Romheld Automation can procure the exact mechanical toolholder you need, so feel free to browse the SCHUNK offering directly on their Mechanical Toolholders webpage.

SVL tool extensions
Extensions are available for all commercially available tool shank types. Using extensions removes the need for expensive special tools. The innovative SVL tool extensions from SCHUNK are designed and are suitable for precise machining of hard-to-reach areas. They set benchmarks in regard to set-up times and costs. The extensions can be clamped into almost any precision toolholder in next to no time.

Look for the SCHUNK brands of SVL extensions available as TENDO SVL, TRIBOS SVL, CELSIO SSV.

Intermediate sleeves
SCHUNK Intermediate sleeves allow clamping of different shank diameters from 3 to 32mm with just one toolholder. Great value for money. Look for the SCHUNK brand available as GZB-S which can be used in the SCHUNK toolho9lding systems TENDO and TRIBOS as well as all commercially available hydraulic expansion toolholders.

Looking for Chucks or Jaws? See our other products from SCHUNK

As part of our Machine Tooling and Workholding range, we also distribute SCHUNK Chucks, SCHUNK Jaws and SCHUNK Gripper Systems.  To see their full range of Toolholding products, visit the SCHUNK website.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.