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SCHUNK Gripper Systems

Ideally suited to robot and automated handling systems, Schunk Gripper Systems have a gripper to suit virtually any workpiece configuration. With 2, 3 and 4 finger-type gripper versions available, they come in parallel, angular and concentric styles.

Schunk grippers are available in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuation to meet all gripping applications. Each gripper type is generally available in a selection of strokes and gripping forces to assist in sizing correctly for the application.

What’s your gripper system application?

SCHUNK gripper systems are available as:

  • universal grippers, used in most applications
  • heavy duty grippers for demanding work loads
  • miniature grippers for small intricate work
  • long stroke grippers when part sizes vary considerably
  • intelligent electric grippers with programmable jaw positioning and force sensing.
  • IO-Link for digital data transmission to gripper

With precision guideways for high force/load capacities, Schunk’s range includes micro-grippers for handling the smallest of parts, universal and long stroke grippers through to heavy duty units capable of holding capacities well over 50kg and more.

Integrated position monitoring is available for each gripper type and many models can be supplied with a built-in mechanical grip force safety device in case of power failure.

See how easy it is to add software guided applications to the universal gripper SCHUNK PGN-plus-E or the small components gripper SCHUNK EGP with IO-Link interface

We supply all varieties of SCHUNK grippers & parts

Further options include gripper finger blanks, sealed units, dust covers for harsh environments and flexible position monitoring systems (FPS). FPS monitors up to five freely programmable stroke positions or can be used as a measuring system.

To assist the design engineer, each gripper type is supported by full technical data including dimensions, maximum admissible forces and moments, plus gripping force diagrams. To download directly from the Schunk website, see their clamping and gripper pages on CAD and eCAD data.

The Schunk range of pneumatic grippers can be matched to compatible rotary, swivel and linear units where additional degrees of freedom are required from the gripper/automation system. These system modules have pass-throughs for pneumatics and electrics where necessary.

See how Schunk can provide ‘lights out’ machining without robots

The Schunk high performance spring clamp grippers are your answer without a robot to load/unload workpieces. Using spindle coolant or air, the gripper is mounted in the tool magazine for auto change and the blanks are pre-positioned in a simple magazine you can make yourself. The only limit on quantities is the space available in your machine’s working envelope as you must use the gripper in the machine spindle to pick up workpieces. See how it works in this DIY video…

Schunk Gripper Systems at-a-glance

Recognised as world leaders in development, design and manufacture of state of the art gripping systems, the SCHUNK range includes:

  • Two finger parallel grippers from small miniature grippers to large universal grippers, sealed grippers and long stroke grippers
  • Three finger concentric grippers for small components to large universal grippers, long stroke grippers, swivel finger grippers and mini swivel grippers,
  • Multi finger concentric grippers perfect for palletizing applications
  • Two finger angular grippers, for small components to large universal applications.
  • Three finger angular grippers including sealed grippers and angular parallel grippers
  • Internal hole grippers
  • Two finger parallel electric grippers for small components up to larger universal grippers
  • Three finger concentric electric grippers,
  • Magnetic grippers
  • Special grippers including “O” ring assembly gripper, gripper with shaft interface for machine tool applications, gripper with shaft interface and compensation unit for assembly operations, vacuum and magnetic grippers for machine tool applications.

For more information and  specifications on the complete range of gripper systems see the webpage for Schunk gripping systems.


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