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Data-transfer with Digital I/O or IO-Link from SCHUNK

The IO-Link is an outstanding communication interface with simple installation to make it easy to transfer parameter and diagnostic data.

Romheld Automation is helping Australian users move toward digital I/O and find more and more production lines are adopting these new machine communications standards. This latest offering from SCHUNK delivers exceptional flexibility across many systems.

High compact performance with software guided gripping force

Both universal gripper SCHUNK PGN-plus-E and the small components gripper SCHUNK EGP now are compatible with the IO-Link interface. They meet IO-Link class B standard and comply with IO-Link software and hardware specifications to simply and intuitively integrate into the production environment.

A single cable and power supply enables the gripper to send and receive data from a higher level control. This convenience is a big advantage for small system manufacturers and project development departments. No complex wiring with simple plug-in connections and a number of interface variants.

The gripper of choice is registered to the higher-level control unit via IODD (IO Device Description) and transfers parameter and diagnostic data via digital point-to-point connection. Gripper finger positions can be centrally determined and individually adjusted, even for each individual cycle, with everything done during system operation. A simple change to software settings in the workpiece allows gripping force to be adjusted, as well.

Increased flexibility with the IO-Link

Allowing for free positioning of the gripper fingers with the IO-Link application, different workpieces can be handled alternately with collision-free access in restricted pick & place areas. In time-critical cycles, the gripping process can be shortened by pre=positioning gripper fingers for short jaw strokes close to the workpiece.

An integrated diagnostic tool permanently monitors the condition of the gripper and automatically transmits any error message to the higher-level control. If a gripper is exchanged, the system recognises it and independently loads the stored parameters to speed up the change process and minimize error risk as no manual intervention is required.

The IO-Link masters as a connective link

Compatible with other communication protocols such as Modbus/TCP, the IO-Link enables a consistency of data from the control level via the automation level (Fieldbus/Ethernet) into the internet. Information such as device identity or diagnostic or parameter data can be transferred to the ERP system or cloud solution. Identification data ensures nothing can be mixed up or manipulated.

IO-Link masters can communicate with any desired control unit, server and IT system as well as any cloud solution to allow uniform access to all parameters and diagnostic functions of the connected device. Several masters can be used for larger applications. They can combine devices with different functions into a universal communication protocol.

High degree of standardization

Romheld Automation has been bringing SCHUNK grippers to Australian lines for decades. Now with the IO-Link interface, we can help devise even more automation systems. Machine builders and system integrators will appreciate the standardized installation and device functionality on the level of sensor and actuator (without depending on the fieldbus system).

This is a highly robust data transmission system. Be sure to get in touch with us to find out more on 1800 465 348.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.

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