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SCHUNK quick change systems update 

Automated or manual SCHUNK change systems make your workflow easier with smooth transitions to increase production line efficiency. 

SCHUNK automated finger system 

The SCHUNK jaw quick-change system BSWS lets you exchange top jaws quickly and easily – no matter with an Allen key, at the push of a button, or automated using a robot. 

From finger to tool change, SCHUNK components facilitate the exchange of griper fingers as well as complete tools. Their convenient, manual change system is the optimal addition for flexible tasks in production, handling technology or at assembly workstations. It enables tools to be exchanged both on the robot and on stationary systems.

Automated finger change in the ongoing process 

The BSWS-R enables a fully automatic gripper finger change. The changeover process is carried out solely by the movement of the robot and takes just a few seconds. The system offers maximum efficiency and precision without any manual intervention. 

Your advantages 

– Maximum flexibility 

– Time saving during changeover 

– Process safety due to presence monitoring 

The BSWS series provides the necessary flexibility, particularly in applications with a high number of variants and small batch sizes. 

Manual tool change within seconds 

Another option, the CMS manual change system is easy to use and offers a diversity of modules with an extensive range of accessories. Watch the video and see how quickly and easily tools can be exchanged.

SCHUNK CMS manual change system advantages 

  • Increased process reliability through integrated monitoring options 
  • Integrated air feed-throughs 
  • Direct screw connection for electrical, pneumatic and fluid modules 

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