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WEH Quick Connectors

Quick Connectors to meet exacting requirements

WEH® are world leaders in the design and manufacture of quick connectors. WEH have over 40 years’ experience manufacturing quick connectors for the manufacturing, gas processing, automotive, HVAC-R medical and breathing air industries.

Match a WEH quick connector model to any automated process

WEH quick connectors solve almost any connecting problem and can be used on internal and external threads, bores, straight, flared and serrated tubes, hose ends and valves. These connectors provide a super fast, positive and leak free connection without screwing. Models are available with actuation via push/pull sleeves, hand lever, push button or pilot operated for use in fully automated processes.

Used for filling, decanting, pressure, leak and function testing, these connectors can be used with most gasses and fluids. WEH Quick Connectors offer exceptional performance for:

  • Pressure / vacuum & leak testing, for filling & evacuating
  • Easy connects to internal / external threads & tube connections
  • Safe & pressure-tight connections

WEH also produce a large range of high performance check valves with ultra low crack pressure. Three ranges including brass, steel and stainless steel are used in many processing industries.

A range of WEH high-pressure valves for gases 

WEH now offers all components for the growing demand of delivering gas technology. Safety, reliability and leak-tightness of the media-conducting components are essential when handling gases and WEH has over 40 years experience designing and producing a range of these unique parts. Read more on our page about the WEH Quick Release System for Gases.  Romheld can order specific items from their list of check valves, shut off valves, pressure relief modules and more. Visit their page for safe and reliable components for gas.  

Pressure-tight connection in seconds

Just PUSH to connect – The WEH® Quick Connects / Disconnects are ideally suited for repeated connections to media lines without hand-tightening, wrenches, tapes. The WEH® Quick Couplers connect in just seconds to a large variety of port configurations (internal / external thread, beads / straight tubes) offering the user significant benefits:

  • Reduction of connection times – Increase of productivity – Cost reductions
  • Safe & pressure-tight connections
  • Operators‘ joints are protected from RSI

The WEH quick couplings are ideally suited for pressure testing, function testing (pneumatic, hydraulic, oil-hydraulic), vacuum testing, helium leak testing, leak tests on fuel lines, filling / evacuating / testing of gas cylinders, refrigerants and breathing air.

Where to use WEH® Quick Couplers

WEH Quick Couplers reduce connection times, simplify workflows and reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSI) saving at the same time costs and improving manufacturing workflows and processes.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Filling pressure vessels, cylinders with medical gases, inert gases, oxygen, refrigerants, breathing air (BA)
  • Leak and pressure testing of components in manufacturing, hydraulics, pneumatics, automotive, gas processing, HVAC-R, including engines, cylinders, pressure vessels, hoses, fixtures, heat exchangers, tubes, hoses, compressors, tanks.
  • Fastest Quick Connector for connect/disconnect to internal and external threads, tubes, hoses, beads, collars, barbs etc.
  • High volume testing eliminating bottlenecks – No hand-tightening, twisting, tapes, thread sealants, wrenches needed.
  • High quality manufactured in Germany
  • Vacuum testing and pressure testing up to 1,000 bar

See for yourself at WEH Quick Connectors

Contact us once you know more about the connection solution you need. See how Leak & Test Connectors, Filling Connectors, HVAC-R Connectors and accessories can solve your connection requirements at the WEH website.


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