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TUNKERS Pneumatic Clamping

Trust Tunkers pneumatic clamp performance in harsh conditions

Tunkers pneumatic clamps (power clamps) are widely used in welding fixture applications where harsh environmental conditions exist. The German precision design and engineering has earned this company a peerless reputation for these workholding essentials.

Tunkers power clamps incorporate a flat design with built-in toggle mechanism to provide high clamp forces. These help ensure workpieces remain clamped even when or if air pressure is lost.  Available with integrated, cartridge type detection switches, it’s possible to fully monitor the clamp condition in automated set-ups as for robot cells.

The toggle mechanism is fully encapsulated within the light weight aluminium body construction and electrical cables are weld spatter resistant, enabling clamps to operate continuously in extreme environments.

Need flexibility? See Tunkers Vario-Clamp

In addition to the standard range of power/pneumatic clamps, Tunkers also has a Vario-Clamp version that allows field setting of the clamp opening angle for fastest possible cycle times and opening angle to easily set with an allen key wrench.

The entire range starts with mini-clamps in three sizes:

  • from 16mm to 25mm bore
  • compact clamps from 25mm to 40mm bore size
  • power clamps from 50mm to 80mm bore size

The compact 25mm unit is also available in a ‘safety-clamp’ version which provides low approach force of less than 10N and full clamping of 250N at the final 6mm of stroke. A full range of standard clamp arms, options and mounting accessories is provided to support the clamp installation.

In addition to the power/pneumatic clamp series, Tunkers also offers a range of pneumatic swing clamps in both block and threaded body styles for use in welding fixtures.

See more about TUNKERS pneumatic clamps and clamping solutions on the Tunkers website and remember, to order in Australia or NZ, Contact Us or call us on 1800 HOLD IT.


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