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SOFTGRIPPERS for the ultimate robotic pick and pack

Create a custom gripper or multi-actuator system with SoftGripping for fault-tolerant automation and safe, simple flexible gripping 

SoftGripping for foodsafe grippers 

Romheld Automation is pleased to announce partnering with this outstanding supplier of SoftGrippers and SoftActuators for multiple applications to build your own gripping system. 

SoftGripping is a German manufacturer of soft and adaptive SoftGrippers along with SoftActuators to use with high-speed robots, specially designed to use in hygienically sensitive areas and cobot applications.  

Custom applications are the new norm for this innovative supplier, winner of Best Soft Gripper Manufacturer 2024, to handle various or irregular shapes and materials and grip them securely. This gives soft grippers and actuators an advantage with object recognition and adaptability for more efficient, cost-effective automation engineering solutions.  

Grippers for High-Speed and Cobot Applications 

SoftGripping grippers and new Gorilla grippers get a good, safe grip on any object, even if it is oddly shaped, packaged, bagged or slippery. Grippers can be controlled by using your own pneumatic setup or a SoftGripping Controlbox can be integrated with any robot. For Universal Robots, an additional UR cap for simple, fast installation is available. In case of no compressed air, a Controlbox with integrated pump works with Cobot Applications.  

Educational SoftGrippers are available for training to facilitate automation and robotics experience in the classroom.  

Optional Food Safe Design and Materials 

Hygienic design and FDA approved materials allow food product handling and direct food contact with SoftGripping Hygienic Gripper Fingers. Design also prevents small food pieces or dust getting stuck in cavities. Grippers can be spray cleaned with standard cleaning solutions as part of the regular cleaning of the whole robotic setup. 

Fully tailored fingers, bases and even suction cups or spacers can be designed for your needs. SoftGripping guarantees their Finger Gripper lifetime of more than 10 million cycles at 1 bar pressure.  

Questions about Pneumatics in Gripping? 

A summary of basic information here explains how to automate production and packaging lines with pneumatic grippers. Visit the Soft Gripping Pneumatics page. 

We can help you configure a SoftGripping system and compare options when you contact us.

Talk to us about any SoftGripping product.

Simply complete this contact enquiry and we’ll be in touch by your choice of email or phone. Thank you!