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UNIGRIPPER Intelligent Vacuum Grippers

UNIGRIPPER uses patented valve technology to produce vacuum gripper systems for material handling applications. This technology applies vacuum only to the products to be handled avoiding unnecessary vacuum losses and maintaining strong vacuum where it’s needed. Used in the pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing and automotive industries, UNIGRIPPER have proven themselves to be a reliable material handling partner where a vacuum gripper is the ideal solution.

The UNIGRIPPER’s standard modular system (SMS) of vacuum gripper is available as SMS-80 (86mm wide) and SMS-120 (126mm wide). Lengths vary from 200mm to 1400mm depending on the application. Valve spacing and foam design may also vary depending on the size and weight of the product to be handled.

Custom UNIGRIPPERS are a core part of the business and are designed to handle a specific product/s. Custom-built UNIGRIPPERS may also include pallet hooks for pallet handling, zoning to allow placement of parts in different orientation, slip sheet handling, part detection sensors, floating attachments and swivel joint robot connectors.

Grippers may use compressed air vacuum generators or a side channel blower to produce the vacuum.

UNIGRIPPER’s can be used to handle boxes, bags, glass jars and bottles, plastic components, food, timber, shrink wrapped items, refrigerated foods, bricks and pavers, cans, etc. To find out more about their systems at work successfully in Australia and New Zealand, feel free to Contact Us.


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