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ATI Deburring Tools

Deburring tools ATI trademarked as unique CNC or robotic essentials

The ATI range of radially compliant deburring tools known as Flexdeburr™ are a robust, high speed light weight air driven turbine deburring unit for deburring aluminum, plastic, steel, etc with a robot or CNC machine. Deburring tools, as air- or electrically-driven, offer compliance and a way to mount a robot wrist. Deburring tools can also be mounted to a bench or fixture with parts brought directly to the unit to be deburred.

The RC unit is especially suited for removal of parting lines and flash from parts. The ATI flexible design allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications.

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Features of Flexdeburr, Speedeburr and VersaFinish deburring tools

Your choice of Finishing Tools: Compare the difference

  • Flexdeburr are robust turbine-driven units for deburring a variety of materials with a robot or CNC machine.
  • Speedeburr utilise a vane-type motor and floating rotary cutting file for edge-deburring and chamfering of parts using a robot.
  • VersaFinish are robust, low-speed, high-torque air tools with an axially floating spindle, suitable for a multitude of robotic and non-robotic material finishing operations.

Quiet turbine motor.

Several operating speeds. The Flexdeburr motors are available in 30,000, 40,000, and 65,000 RPM models. The variety of sizes allows you to choose the right Flexdeburr for the application.

Radial compliance allows fast and simple programming of the robot.

Flexible mounting options. The RC deburring tool can be mounted to a robot, bench or fixture from side or rear.

Standard collet sizes allows the user to select from a wide variety of standard cutter types to suit their deburring needs.

Minimal chattering and vibration. The compliance unit supports the tool to provide stiffness for the cutter.

Deburring tools available in multiple sizes

RC-150    65,000rpm, recommended compliance +/-2.5mm, collet size Ø3.0mm, side and rear mount

RC-300   30,000rpm, recommended compliance +/-4.0mm, collet size Ø6.0mm, side and rear mount

RC-340   40,000rpm, recommended compliance +/-4.0mm, collet size Ø6.0mm, side and rear mount

RC-660   40,000rpm, recommended compliance +/-4.5mm, collet size Ø6.0mm, side and rear mount

RC-340-CNC   40,000rpm, recommended compliance +/-4.0mm, collet size Ø6.0mm, Weldon shank

For more information and  specifications of their range of deburring tools see the ATI Robotics Deburring webpage.

See more of our Finishing Systems parts and accessories, including robotic ATI Deburring Tools, in our Romheld Product Guide. 


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