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EXPERT Rotary Tables & Index Drives

Expert turntable

Rotary Tables and Index Drives from EXPERT®

Automated Expert rotary tables & index drives help expedite line production with  products for more constant motor rotation in fabrication or assembly processes. EXPERT® (formerly EXPERT-TÜNKERS) is recognised as a world leader in production efficiency with highly dynamic drives for rotating, lifting and traversing operations.

A long trusted Romheld Automation provider of line production essentials, EXPERT is an excellent supply partner for index drives, rotary tables, trunnion drives, conveyors, lifting axes, shuttle systems and complete transport solutions. If you’re looking for Expert-Tunkers products, we can get them.

Globoidal rotary tables: EGD series at-a-glance

As a rule, the rotary tables are driven by a factory installed shaft-mounted gear motor. The indexing time is defined by the gear ratio. The rotary table can be delivered without drive and directly integrated into machinery drive chains.

EXPERT globoidal rotary tables are used for packaging machines, assembling machines, textile machinery, automated handling systems, conveying systems, welding machines, machinery for glass-making and fabrication processes in which extremely short cycle times are required due to high output.

Globoidal index drives: Specific features

Precision index drive which allows for an indexed motion with extremely high precision and backlash-free dead-centre position, via defined output shaft.

Globoidal index drives are preferably employed to drive swivel units, conveyor chains, conveyor systems, packaging machines, printing and silk screen printing machines, i.e. machinery with high processing speeds.

  • EXPERT-TÜNKERS globoidal index drives are equipped with hardened and ground cams with globoid profiles and cam actuators for a long service life and low-vibration movement.
  • The output bearing is a quality bearing with high basic load ratings especially adjusted to globoidal transmissions.

Special designs are available upon request.
Please contact us with reference to CAD data, or if you should have specific queries.

See how the tables work with this animation demonstration of Expert-Tuenkers rotary index drive EDX960 with fixed indexing position.

EXPERT Products to support line production technology

A range of Lift and Carry units are available from Expert Tunkers, as well as Shuttle Systems, lifters and special drives as well as other production accessories.

Download the Expert catalogue for an overview of their products for Fast Indexing and Positioning.


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