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STOGER Screwdriver Systems

STÖGER screwdriving and fastening systems include automatic screwdrivers and assembly solutions for quick, accurate methods of automatic screw insertion and nut running. The STÖGER range of hand held screwdrivers, automatic screwdrivers, setting and riveting and feed units work for most applications.

The team at STÖGER have been designing and building custom made systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic applications for over 25 years. STÖGER AUTOMATION has been certified as one of the first companies in Germany according to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (former DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard), which has been available only since November 2015.

The STÖGER system-at-a-glance

  • Hand held screwdrivers for screws
  • Hand held nutrunners
  • Hand held screwdrivers for set screws and threaded bolts
  • Automatic screwdrivers for screws
  • Automatic nutrunners
  • Automatic screwdrivers for set screws and threaded bolts
  • Automatic screwdrivers for flowdrilling screws
  • Automatic screwdrivers for coil thread inserts
  • Automatic system for blind rivet nuts
  • Setting, pressing, riveting

STÖGER also offer a range of bowl feeders, step feeders and segment feeders. Their fastening solutions are often specified by our Builders and Integrators who know they can depend on exceptional precision and durability in these essential tools to get the job done.


The quality associated with ‘Made in Germany’ is well deserved by STÖGER. They operate in a highly modern environment with a dedicated team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers and skilled designers. Stoger is a global leader to develop automatic and hand-held screwdrivers as well as setting and riveting systems with automatic feeding for manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic applications. Grab an inside view with this STÖGER AUTOMATION video…

For more information and  specifications on the Stoger range of automatic and manual screwdriver systems see the Stoger screwdriver webpage.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.