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VESSEL Air Nippers

VESSEL Air nippers can be used for cutting, crimping, gripping, breaking, bending and punching of plastic and metal components.

VESSEL air nippers are available with capacity to cut up to 17mm diameter plastic and 4.5mm in steel wire.   All air nippers are supported by a large range of standard blades.

Simple shop air supply and ease of mounting makes the Vessel range of air nippers ideally suited to manual trimming and de-gating processes in the plastics industry.  For applications where cutting without whitening or cracking is necessary, a ‘heat cutting’ model can be used.

Air nipper models can also be supplied for mounting to machines, robot, unloader grippers and gate cutting machines to automatically remove sprues, etc.

Manual units can be supplied with optional safety throttle lever and a powerful intensifier is available for cases where extra cutting force is needed.

Dependent on the application the VESSEL nipper may use standard blades or custom blades to meet specific requirements.

Based on usage and cut dimensions required, choose the best air nippers model

Air Nipper bodies can be:

  • hand held
  • slide off horizontal
  • slide off vertical
  • thrust cut
  • heated air nippers
  • servo heat nippers
  • air scissors
  • double acting air scissors

Blades are made of special alloy steel, sintered steel or high speed steel and can have carbide inserts for cutting harder materials.

VESSEL also do a range of ionizing and dust eliminators for the plastics industry. The VESSEL line up includes fan, gun and bar type air blow ionizers, EPA mats and wrist straps that prevent a static discharge.

StatBuster static eliminators from VESSEL discharge a constant flow of ions to remove static from plastic parts, electronic devices and optical devices etc.

Static electricity is generated on plastic parts during the forming/molding process and if not treated will attract undesirable dust and dirt to the plastic surface.  The StatBuster range of static eliminators offers the solution of protecting such parts from static electricity.

Looking for specific VESSEL Air Nippers?

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