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Robot suits and machine coverings to protect your investment

Protecting robots and complete automation cells from extreme elements is a Roboworld® specialty.  As designers and manufacturers of custom fitted robot suits, control cabinets covers and teach pendants, Roboworld robot suits will extend the life of your robots and the components within your complete automation cell.

Extreme heat and freezing cold, wet environments, toxic chemicals, biological agents and explosive environments are all unforgiving on your robots. By using a robot suit you can extend the life of your robot providing maximum protection against the elements that seek to damage your robot.

We recommend Robosuit™ robot suits

Robosuit™ from Roboworld helps protect robotic equipment from harsh environments that can cause component failure. An investment in a custom built Robosuit can reduce maintenance and increase automation time with more consistent productivity.

Robosuit™ at-a-glance

  • Designed to be fitted without needing to remove existing tooling or umbilicals
  • Bellows built into the wrist and lower arm unit to permit unrestricted movement over the robot’s complete working envelope
  • Pockets incorporated for protruding servo motors
  • High quality materials used in construction of each Robosuit™:
    • Aluminum Coated Silica Fabric
    • Aluminum Coated Kevlar®
    • DuPont Hypalon® Impregnated Nylon©
    • DuPont Nylon®
    • Laminated Teflon®(PTFE)
  • Flap protected industrial grade zippers extend the full length of each linear piece for quick, easy suit installation and removal

Robosuit™ Applications

Pendant Armour® from ROBOWorld

  • Die-casting
  • Furnace Tending
  • High Temperature
  • Investment Casting
  • Low Temperature
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Palletising
  • Spraying
  • Surface Finishing

Robot suits can be manufactured to suit all major brands and sizes. Installation instructions can be downloaded from the ROBOWORLD website.

Pendant Armour®

Pendant Armour is your ‘insurance’ to protect robotic cell teach pendants. Forget down time from lost production or pendant repairs when you use Pendant Armor® to protect the robotic pendant, screen, feet, cables and more. Using a blend of industry insight, advanced materials knowledge, and aviation manufacturing techniques, Roboworld brings you the world’s first mass produced, patented, energy- absorbing frame to protect teach pendants –best purchased with your RoboSuit from Romheld Automation. Learn more about Pendant Armor® on the ROBOWORLD website.

Roboworld can also cover Blast cabinet enclosures, Cable management systems, Controllers, End of arm tooling, Environmental control units (ECU) Grippers and Teach pendants.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.