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ATI Force Torque Sensors

ATI Force & Torque sensors and systems for most EOAT needs

ATI is a leading engineering-based world developer of force & torque sensors as well as robotic peripheral equipment and robotic tooling including  Automatic Tool Changers, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Crash Protection Devices, Rotary Joints and Compliance Devices.

ATI Industrial Automation is the world’s largest supplier of 6-axis F/T sensors. Six-axis force & torque (F/T) sensors measure force and torque in many applications including electrical and mechanical assembly, product testing, robot material handling and medical research. The ATI system incorporates a monolithic instrumented transducer which uses silicon strain gauges for excellent noise immunity, high stiffness and increased overload protection.

Specifying the right force & torque sensors

Force & torque sensors (F/T) give robot and research applications the ability to sense forces and moments applied in six degrees of freedom (Fx, Fy, Fz, Tx, Ty and Tz).  The transducer mounts behind the application tooling and is connected to its support electronics via a small-diameter, high flex, long life cable.   All models of F/T sensors are available with either DAQ-F/T or Controller-F/T, NET-F/T, Wireless-F/T, EtherCat F/T, Digital F/T, TWE F/T.

The DAQ-F/T system allows the transduced to connect to an analogue data acquisition (DAQ) card making it easy to read sensor data from a PC or robot controller ans software is provided which converts the strain gauge data into force/torque data.  The Controller-F/T system processes the strain gauge data and outputs both serial and analogue force/torque data.

The type Nano-17, at just 17mm diameter, is the smallest F/T sensor in the ATI range and has application in dental research, robotic hand research, robotic surgery and finger force research.

At the other end of the scale, at 254mm diameter is the Omega-250 which is commonly used for product testing, force feedback and telerobotics.  With eleven models to select from, virtually any F/T sensing requirement can be handled by the ATI range.

ATI has shipped thousands of its F/T sensor systems around the world. Typical applications include:

  • Robotic part insertion to verify mechanical and electrical component assembly.
  • Deburring, polishing and grinding where robots are required to apply a constant force.
  • Force/torque feedback for manipulators in nuclear environments.
  • Physical rehabilitation and prosthetics research.
  • Product testing such as steering wheel torque, automotive seat testing etc.
  • Medical research including bio-mechanics, neurology/motor control, haptics and surgical procedures.

Crash Protectors or Collision Sensors also available

ATI has designed The Protector, a patented robotic collision sensor to help prevent costly damage to robotic end effectors resulting from robot crashes. These are low cost, rugged design specialties in various sizes. To find out more, Contact Us.

See the full range of ATI products atop our page of Supplier Catalogues.


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