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MiniBOOSTER announces new products

miniBOOSTER is constantly looking for ways to improve products with the purpose of making your hydraulic system better, faster, and more economical. We offer more energy-efficient solutions, combined with practical benefits of lighter, stronger, faster, and more compact tooling solutions.

Raising the pressure in hydraulic equipment

The miniBOOSTER Portable Intensifier System M-HC7-DA (Double Acting) is a rugged unit designed for demanding industrial applications. The M-HC7-DA can be used with any low-pressure, from 20 to 350 bar, and with a power source that provides a minimum flow of 2 l/min. Output pressure as high as 1,000 bar in both directions.

Reliability is a primary design consideration. The M-HC7-DA is equipped with a 12-micron filter and a visual filter condition indicator. Service life is extended and down-time avoided.

The new M-HC7-Double Acting Intensifier System provides full bypass flow and high pressure in both directions.

  • Easy to mount, quiet and efficient to use.
  • Ideal for use with Hydraulic Rock and Stone Splitters.
  • Maximise force and minimise weight and size.


The new M-HC7-DA intensifier system provides full bypass and intensified pressure in both cylinder directions. It contains 2 pressure reducing valves protecting the cylinder from too high pressure in both sides. It allows dynamic work mode that combines flow and pressure for lifting and motor applications. See full specifications on the miniBOOSTER website to READ MORE.

Stay up to date on industrial automation

Hydraulic Rock and Stone Splitters

Make your splitter more efficient, portable and quiet simply by boosting pressure. 
miniBOOSTER offers the only full range of intensifying solutions, providing high pressure for your rock splitter wedge or piston type, regardless of whether you need 400 or 2,000 bar and pressure in 1 or in 2 directions.

miniBOOSTER offers a wide range of intensifiers and systems to power rock and stone splitters up to 2,000 bar (29,000 Psi). Simply boost your available 150-250 bar low pressure excavator, truck, tractor or power pack to the needed pressure.

Quality built in

While superior quality is easy to see, it’s over time and throughout your product’s lifetime that the superior value of miniBOOSTER solutions becomes clear. Our continuous product improvement process is your assurance that we build high-performance solutions that last.

miniBOOSTER gives you the options you need to build the successful, sustainable products business you want.

We’re happy to talk to you about ordering any MiniBOOSTER product.

Simply complete this contact enquiry and we’ll be in touch by your choice of email or phone. Thank you!