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miniBOOSTERS for rotary couplings on lathes

 Transmitting high-pressure fluid over high-speed rotary couplings is always challenging. You can solve this problem by installing a miniBOOSTER hydraulic intensifier after the rotary coupling.

What are the advantages of mounting cartridge boosters in Chucks?
–  Reduce size
–  Increase clamping force
–  Limit oil spills
–  Reduce rotary coupling costs

It’s good to know that miniBOOSTERs operate trouble-free at high rotation speeds up to 30,000 rpm.

Minimum size, Maximum Power

Whether your challenge is increasing force and torque performance or reducing footprint while hitting the right cost point, miniBOOSTER can help you boost productivity and get the job done right.  Visit the full range of hydraulic intensifying solutions from this USA-based company at https://www.minibooster.com/ 

Romheld Automation is the exclusive distributor of MiniBOOSTER products in Australia and New Zealand.  For more information, Contact Us.




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