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miniBOOSTER pressure intensifiers and precision filters

miniBOOSTER is always working to improve their products to help make hydraulic systems better, faster and more economical to use.

miniBOOSTER energy-efficient products, combined with the practical benefits of lighter, stronger, more compact tooling design keep them in the forefront of hydraulic intensifying solutions.

New system filters for pressure intensifiers

Precision hydraulics require clean oil, but why filter oil that is bypassed?
With miniBOOSTER inventive filter solutions, you can save energy, thanks to less pressure drop, and money using a smaller filter that only filters the oil you need.

Their new system filter, with an integrated clogging indicator, makes this possible These filters provide protection for intensifier systems up to 350 bar. They can easily be mounted directly on the M-HC_12 & 13 intensifier systems. They offer compact assembly and a built-in clogging indicator.

They are specifically designed to only filter oil that is actually used with the intensifier system, bypassing most of the 80-90% oil used to propel your cylinder forward. This heavy-duty steel filter element is also designed to enable easy removal for cleaning or replacement purposes. It’s as simple as unscrewing a plug.

To see more performance details, visit this link: miniBOOSTER System Filter Data

Crane Applications to maximise lifting capacity

Why settle for 200 bar system pressures, which limit lifting capacity significantly?

Instead, maximise lifting capacity for crane applications with the M-HC6D-013 miniBOOSTER intensifier system. These systems power cranes up to 690 bar (10,000 Psi).

It’s a great way to boost pressure regardless of whether you are using tractor, ship or offshore platform supply applications.

The M-HC6D-013 is easy to mount—without changing your hydraulic system— and it works well with LS (load sensing systems).

Get the performance you need for full flow up to pump pressure and the pressure you need to realise your crane’s full potential.

To see more performance details, visit miniBOOSTER Cranes intensifiers.

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Our range of products are used by manufacturing industry throughout Australia and New Zealand with many major manufacturers specifying our tooling solutions for use in their plants. See product details by manufacturers in their specific Supplier Product Catalogues.

Romheld Automation is the official distributor of miniBOOSTER parts and supplies for Australia and New Zealand, including these System Filters and Cranes intensifier systems We work with production managers and companies to find the ideal solution for proven productivity. Feel free to Contact Us.

We’re happy to talk to you about miniBOOSTER products.

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