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Powerful pneumatic universal gripper From SCHUNK

For a powerful, versatile gripper, the new Schunk PGL-plus-P is ideal. This pneumatic universal gripper offers unique performance in stroke, force and connectivity.

The world’s first pneumatic gripper, Schunk PGL-plus-P, with safe, certified gripping force maintenance is now available from Romheld Automation. This universal gripper with long jaw stroke comes in 5 sizes all with integrated sensor system to ensure safety and accuracy.

An inside look at the Schunk PGL-plus-P

See how the rack-and-pinion kinematics ensure powerful, concentric opening and closing of the gripper. Available in 5 sizes, the stroke per jaw amounts to 10-25mm at a gripping force between 220 N to 1,300 N.

The secure, certified gripping force maintenance, GripGuard holds the gripped workpiece safely and ensures a permanent gripping force of minimum 80% in case of pressure drop. It also ensures no dangerous, spontaneous jaw movements can occur in the event of a pressure drop. As the base jaws do not move uncontrollably with a pressure interruption, there is no risk of injury with this gripper. The risk assessment is simplified since gripping force maintenance is already certified as a safety function.

The unique integrated sensor system delivers precise, process-reliable monitoring of the complete gripper stroke via IO-link. The large jaw stroke enables flexible handing of a wide range of parts.

Advanced gripping technology from an industry leader

The Schunk PGL-plus-P grippers feature food-compliant lubrication as standard. This makes these grippers easy to incorporate into medical technology, lab automation, pharmaceutical and the food industry. (See details on the PGL-plus-P Product download.)

Romheld Automation is proud to bring a range of pneumatic grippers from Schunk, a leader in high quality and reliability for many years. Schunk knows how to focus on the workpiece; small to large, round or square, for any batch size and any application environment.

Download the Schunk PGL-plus-P product information pdf

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