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Product Updates from WEH and STARK

Romheld Automation is pleased to announce important product updates now available in Australia and New Zealand. Get in touch with us for performance and delivery details from these reliable European suppliers of precision parts and instruments.

WEH® Pressure Relief Modules for inert/flammable gases to protect the vacuum pump

Check out two WEH pressure relief models for inhouse venting (TVS20) or venting into the atmosphere (TVS21). These are designed to protect components operated under vacuum such as vacuum pumps, sensors etc. from overpressure.

If, for example, a vacuum pump is installed in a pressure system which has a significantly higher pressure than the allowable operating pressure of the vacuum pump, the WEH pressure relief modules protect the pump from damage by safely venting the overpressure either into the vent space or atmosphere.

Even short-term inlet pressures up to 420 bar are safely relieved in both TVS20 and TVS21 pressure relief modules up to an overpressure of 0.2 bar in the outlet to the vacuum pump and a nominal bore of up to 12 mm. Various adaptors for inlet ‘B1’ are available for connecting the vacuum pressure relief module to the system.

  • Effective protection of/under vacuum operated components such as vacuum pumps, sensors, etc.
  • Venting into space
  • Version for inert gases
  • Simple design
  • Easily integrated into filling plants
  • Retrofittable due to simple construction
  • Easy to dismantle, easy to clean
  • High quality materials

A quick look at WEH Pressure Relief Modules

Data Sheet Downloads


WEH TVS20 for indoor venting DATA SHEET


WEH TVS21 for outdoor venting DATA SHEET

STARK zero point clamping technology update

STARK.intelligence takes zero point clamping systems one step further 

STARK.intelligence is a modular and bus-compatible system that digitalises zero point clamping systems and enables complete live clamping and unclamping monitoring and recording. The data can be directly integrated into the process, such as manual or automatic loading to support a continuous production process. This helps ensure machine availability and provides individual predictive maintenance data. Plus it’s easy to integrate into a machine table of fast closing plate.

The system also provides valuable information on the condition of the clamping device and thus allows condition-based maintenance.

Download the STARK Intelligence guide.

Visit the STARK website.

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