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Rack Systems for Die Change and Storage

Sturdy storage and easy access makes these Roemheld Hilma Stark rack systems an excellent choice to ensure quick changes for heavy dies safely with less effort and in less time.

Maximise storage and access to your dies with safe, force-saving and wear-free die storage. Save time on die changes with this advanced docking station with semi-automatic, secured front bars or safety bolts for fall protection on the front.

Save time and effort in die changes

Rack systems with special roller conveyors or ball tables simplify heavy die changes.. Transfer height is fully adjustable for these rack systems and changing carts to hook into the front of the rack front bar or docking hooks with a safety bar or bolt lowered once correctly docked.

To facilitate manual or semi-automatic die insertion, the rack system can be equipped with ball bars or ball inserts. Add roller conveyers or ball tables to further facilitate quick changes.

When the die changing cart leaves the docking hooks, safety bars or bolts on the rack system are activated and the die is secured against falling out. See the product pdf for full diagrams on the variety of rack systems available.

Download the Roemheld Rack Systems product information pdf

Die changing technology from an industry leader

Romheld Automation is proud to bring quality systems for quick, simple die changes with German engineering from Roemheld Hilma Stark to any operations in Australia or New Zealand. All systems –from these rack systems featured to carrying consoles or die changing carts are available from the range of Roemheld die changing technology systems.

Die changing cart RW 500with semi-automatic docking hooks and safety bolts

Die changing cart RWA 4000 with docking bar and pull-push chain

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