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Roemheld Die Changing Carts

Roemheld die changing carts facilitate handling dies up to 500kg or 1,000 kg so they can be transported safely, easily and efficiently.

Big advantage for ease of movement

The Roemheld die changing cart has a table equipped with ball inserts so during transport, the ball inserts are lowered and the die is protected against movement. In addition, the die is secured from falling off the safety bars at all sides of the die changing table.

Height adjustment for the die changing table is done by a hydraulic lifting column with single-lever foot operation to make the entire die changing cart easy to maneuver.

In short, the advantages of the Die Changing Cart mean:

  • Time saving die change
  • Highest safety by automatic docking station and anti-slip protection
  • Documentation and design in compliance with CE Standards
  • Exact positioning
  • Exact height adjustment by precision lowering within millimeters

A look at Die Changing Carts in use

We recently discovered an article explaining how these Roemheld models were adapted to unique requirements for an automotive parts and components supplier in Germany, including a lightweight construction technology division.

They faced tight working conditions and needed to find solutions for production processes in cramped spaces. They report: “Two injection molding machines equipped by a common robot and running in three shifts, are located in an enclosure that can only be entered through a narrow, low door for the mold cage. Directly in front of the machine there is hardly any space for maneuvering a transport cart. This used to cause a challenging, physically exhausting mold change –which is now noticeably easier due to the compact transport cart from Hilma-Roemheld.”

For the full article, see Ergonomic Change in a Limited Space.

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Romheld Automation is the official distributor of Hilma-Roemheld parts and supplies for Australia and New Zealand, including these Die Changing Carts. We work with production managers and companies to find the ideal solution for proven productivity. Feel free to Contact Us.

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