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Roemheld safe, sturdy arch clamp

The clamping technology specialist ROEMHELD expands its wedge clamp family with this new arch clamp showing exceptional performance for presses and forges.

Romheld Automation has a long history of supplying Roemheld (plus HILMA & STARK) products across Australia and New Zealand with excellent feedback. Their Flexline clamping systems introduced fully automatic clamping of dies on the press ram. For nearly 20 years we have supported an extensive line of Roemheld clamping tools and systems.

New Roemheld arch clamp meets demanding conditions

This arch clamp features an integrated mechanical lock which reliably holds the upper die in position in case of a pressure loss. Thus, it cannot fall. The die clamping element does not corrode even under the harshest conditions, thanks to a special coating process. The arch-shaped force curve of the clamping bolt virtually eliminates jamming at the clamping point. The clamping element is named after the arch-shaped clamping bolt which is how the die clamps.

Double acting and with position monitoring on request

The double-acting arch clamp is designed for versatile use with straight clamping edges. The clamp is suitable for high clamping edge tolerances of ±1 mm. Clamping and unclamping pressure of 200<bar are identical and provide a maximum clamping force between 30 and 450 kN and process forces up to 620 kN.

There are also variants with position monitoring for particularly high process reliability. The additional equipment is integrated on the side of the clamping bolt to save space. It provides information on whether the bolt clamps or unclamps the die and whether the clamping position is overrun.

Set-up time optimiser for sheet metal forming, plastic and rubber processing

ROEMHELD sees itself as the worldwide market leader in die clamping technology for sheet metal forming. As a set-up optimiser, the group of companies solves almost every clamping task in sheet metal forming, plastics and rubber processing with its extensive portfolio of die clamping technology. The magnetic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical clamping systems are versatile and contribute to making processes in single and series production of nearly all industries more efficient and economical. Products for die change such as die changing carts, roller bars and driven carrying consoles complete the product range.

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