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The most accurate of all HAINBUCH chucks

TOPlus Premium for maximum precision in a mini format is ideal for run-out accuracy in precise and powerful clamping that’s also completely changeable.

High-precision without alignment

HAINBUCH chucks have long been recognised as very precise. With the new TOPlus premium chuck, Hainbuch guarantees a run-out of ≤ 5 μm without alignment – regardless of which clamping head is used. Until now, this was only possible with a high-priced hydraulic expansion or diaphragm chuck with some drawbacks by their design.

Using a TOPlus premium chuck with the associated premium clamping heads and by clamping against the workpiece stop, this level of accuracy is always achieved. This means manufacturers don´t lose time making alignments for small batch sizes and stay highly flexible and accurate as a chuck aligned for series production

Easier automatic loading

To save time and cost, a robot is often used to load the workpieces in the machine. This can become a problem if the clamping stroke is too small. With the TOPlus premium chuck combined with a clamping head, the stroke is large enough, and makes loading easier. As very robust and not as sensitive as other clamping devices, a random slight contact with the workpiece during loading has no effect on the chuck. The process remains stable.

TOPlus premium is sealed against contamination and vibration so both thin-walled and solid parts are clamped securely with no centrifugal losses. The TOPlus premium – like all chucks – is available in the Hainbuch system. This means that changing from O.D. to I.D. or jaw clamping takes no more than two minutes.

HAINBUCH TOPlus premium chuck and the matching premium clamping head have now been released for sale for sizes 52 & 65.

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Premium chuck and premium clamping head at-a-glance

TOPlus premium chuck:

  • Concentricity < 10 μm with standard clamping head
  • Concentricity < 5 μm with premium clamping head
  • Only pull-back
  • Adaptations for TOPlus mini can be used
  • Visual differentiation from TOPlus mini by lines attached to the circumference
  • Chucks are available from stock
  • Special solutions are possible
  • You can find the prices and discounts on our Customer portal

Premium clamping head:

  • Order-specific configuration
  • Not in stock
  • Only smooth, continuous bore [customer-specific diameter].
  • Visual differentiation by lines on front as “premium” logo and inset ruby

The specified concentricity can only be guaranteed if the chuck is clamped against an end-stop and aligned with the aid of our alignment set. This alignment set consists of a test shaft [Ø 25 mm or 50 mm] and a clamping head with the appropriate diameter.

See more about the TOPlus premium chuck on the HAINBUCH web page or download the pdf catalog for TOPlus Premium.

Another HAINBUCH top performer

TOPlus Mini for high speed clamping changeovers

More Hainbuch clamping solutions are available from Romheld Automation. Take a few minutes to see and hear about the performance advantages of how HAINBUCH TOPlus Mini works within a system for significant precision and efficiency.

We’re happy to talk to you about ordering the Hainbuch TOPlus Premium.

Simply complete this contact enquiry and we’ll be in touch by your choice of email or phone. Thank you!