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Timber Gripping and Handling with Unigripper

Timber Gripper by unigripper

Timber gripping often presents challenges –so here’s a timber vacuum gripper solution

It is a heavy duty environment, often full of dust and debris. Timbers also come in many different sizes, which require an intelligent vacuum gripper system to get the flexibility to handle all sizes without costly reconfiguration.

UniGripper’s TimberGripper is the optimal choice for handling and gripping timber and planks, having extra robustness built into the design and providing features for extra serviceability. UniGripper SMS is also a valid choice in many scenarios and compared to other standard grippers it is more durable due to its aluminium design and the filter cassette that enables protection against dust and resin.

timber handling with Unigripper

Timber gripping and handling in action with Unigripper

Visit our page to find out more about our range of Unigripper products and the Unigripper  intelligent vacuum gripper. 


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