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HAINBUCH 2-jaw module adaptation clamping device for cubic parts

Introducing a modular workholding system with maximum flexibility to work with virtually any configuration of workpieces.

Unique compact profile in a chuck & 2-jaw module

This is an adaptation clamping device to change from O.D. clamping to jaw clamping. For cubic parts positioned concentrically on machining centres and lathes, the Hainbuch 2-jaw module (introduced in 2020) is perfect to change-over clamping from round parts to cubic parts in under two minutes.

The 2-jaw module can handle turning applications up to 1,500rpm. With its compact profile, it’s an excellent alternative to large and heavy concentric vises. Both 2-jaw and 3-jaw modules use the Hainbuch collet chuck as their base. Change over is easy without removing the collet chuck and realigning thanks to Hainbuch’s Centrex quick change interface.

Advantages of the 2-jaw module include:

  • Clamping range of 15 to 209mm
  • Compatible with jaw clamping in the Hainbuch chuck or stationary chuck
  • Extremely fast conversion from O.D. to I.D. with detaching the base clamping device
  • Self-centering on the basic clamping device
  • Enlarged clamping range of the basic clamping device
  • Dead-length clamping without pull-back effect
  • Optimal lubrication and resistant to contamination
  • Can be used rotating up to 1,500 rpm
  • Handy and lightweight compared to centric clamping vises
  • Clamping repeatability ≤ 0.010 for hard reversible stepped jaws

Hainbuch history of excellence

The Hainbuch modular system has long been recognised as a great innovation offering multiple clamping devices with up to 65 possible combinations. The basic clamping device stays mounted on the machine to interface with other clamping devices to reduce set up times and decrease production downtime.

The Hainbuch range are among the most popular products Romheld Automation offers in Australia and New Zealand. You can download the Hainbuch 2-jaw module Product Guide here.

Stay up to date on industrial automation

Romheld Automation is the official distributor of Hainbuch parts and supplies for Australia and New Zealand, including these 2-Jaw Module Clamping Devices. We work with production managers and companies to find the ideal solution for proven productivity. Feel free to Contact Us.

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