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IMAO Quick Release Fastener Case Studies

IMAO One-Touch Fasteners are quick release fasteners for frequent changeover of machinery or fixtures. Quick, easy tool-less clamping reduces changeover setup time in various clamping styles, quarter turn fasteners, ball locking fasteners and pin holding fasteners.

Romheld Automation has a long history of supplying IMAO products across Australia and New Zealand with excellent feedback. We can show you examples that demonstrates how complicated changeovers can be made much more simple in assembling machines that require various fixtures. See a Case Study on our page, IMAO Clamping and Fixturing.

See how IMAO’s other specific fasteners are put to use across the globe in demanding manufacturing environments.

Button-Locking Pin assists easy operation on lab device

Two types of IMAO One Touch Fasteners are used by BioChromato in the design and manufacturing of analysers and evaporators for the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. These fasteners enable the evaporator to extract particular solvent from searing temperature liquids.

Multiple vials of liquid are set in a holder to evaporate. The vial holder is removed from the evaporator after evaporation, but the holder reaches extreme temperatures up to 100°C. Using Button-Locking Pins for a detachable knob in a finger-operative shape with a ball lock mechanism enables quick and secure changeover operation of the vial holder.

BioChromato also use IMAO Quarter Turn Clamps to fix the plug holder that plugs into whole vials at once. Just a quarter turn of the knob enables locking/unlocking the plug holder for easy changeover. Vial holders should be replaced after each experiment; plug holders should be replaced every time the size of the vial changes. This makes IMAO one-touch changeover very effective for this operation.

Quarter Turn fastener for quick, reliable fixture changing

Control devices for automobiles worldwide are developed by TGK Co (Japan). IMAO’s Quarter Turn Fasteners are used on assembly fixtures for motor actuators.

In the process of assembling the bracket to the actuator, four types of dedicated fixtures are used. The operator needs to change the fixtures every time the actuator to be assembled changes. Previously they clamped the fixtures with wing screws, but not only was it troublesome and time-consuming to repeatedly turn the screws many times, it was always challenging to find the removed screws when they dropped or rolled away.

IMAO’s Quarter Turn Fasteners solved the situation elegantly. One touch operation of Quarter Turn Fasteners provides quick and easy fixture changing and ON/OFF marking improves the reliability of the operation. Operators are very satisfied with IMAO’s quick fasteners. TGK plans to use them in their new assembly lines to shorten setup time and simplify the changeover

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