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Reduce setup time from 15mins to 1 min with IMAO Quarter Turn Clamps

We share this Case Study from IMAO to demonstrate how remarkable this quick-change fastener truly is for frequent machinery or fixture changeover. Simply turn a knob or push a button. No wasting time tightening screws and nuts. No guess-work with clear ON – OFF fastener marking.

Major impact on injection molding machine changeover

IMAO supplied a high-value production solution to Panasonic Eco Solutions Electrical Construction Materials Mie Co., Ltd. with their Quarter-Turn Clamps. This Panasonic division manufactures intercom and fire alarm systems for homes as well as power electronics devices such as sensor-equipped wiring devices and wireless switches. Production entails using IMAO’s Quarter Turn Clamps on injection molding line for the resin products.

The challenge: The resin burr on the back of the post-molded products is cut using a nipper. Setups for changing this nipper and its position are required at every mold change because the position of the burr is different product by product.

Traditionally time-consuming using general-purpose nipper units for all products could take more than 15 minutes to loosen screws, change nippers and adjust positions. They often needed to change the mold more than 50 times per month on some machines.

The solution: Using dedicated nipper units for each product and clamping the units with IMAO Quarter Turn Clamps helped reduce both machine downtime and set-up time.

As a result, the changeover of units takes only 1 minute with IMAO’s One-Touch fastener, Quarter Turn Clamps. What’s more, the visibility of clamping and unclamping is safer and simpler with the knob position clearly marked ON/OFF on the Clamp.

IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps at-a-glance

Several variations of clamps are available, all with ON/OFF indicator including

  • Quarter-Turn clamps with high clamping force, available in stainless steel
  • Retractable Quarter-Turn Clamps with retracting shank to enable slide or door use
  • Heavy Duty Quarter-Turn Clamps with the highest clamping force of 400N
  • Retractable Heavy Duty Quarter-Turn Clamps with retractable shank and clamping force of 400N
  • KNOB-Locking Pins with high holding capacity by wedge
  • BUTTON-Locking Pins with secure locking upon release button and high holding capacity by wedge
  • More specific fastener products on request

See the IMAO webpage details on One-Touch Fasteners with videos, catalogues and more. Romheld Automation is the authorised IMAO distributor for Australia and New Zealand so get in touch on 1800 465 348 or use our handy contact form for a personal response.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.

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