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miniBOOSTER Portable Intensifier Systems

Portability and ease of operation are hallmarks of miniBOOSTER Portable Intensifier System M-HC2 with connection variations to meet your pressure relief needs.

Reliability for demanding industrial applications

Now there’s noise-free solution for hydraulic power sources of 690 bar that costs less, weighs less and takes up far less space. Meet the miniBOOSTER M-HC2. Boost your existing low pressure power source in trucks, service vehicles, Bobcats or hydraulic ring mains.

More portable pressure intensifiers meet exacting specifications

The M-HC2 taps into any low-pressure source to provide a reliable, accurate high-pressure source. With multiple connection possibilities and flexible deisgn with several intensification factors, the M-HC2 is a rugged unit designed for demanding industrial applications –from 20 to 350 bar power source providing a minimum flow of 2 l/min.Output pressure is as high as 800 bar.

Using clamping jaws or jaw inserts with coating or grip serrated, the retention forces for safe clamping of workpieces can be considerably increased. Only machine vices with clamping force display allow the controlled use of these clamping jaws/inserts.

Reliability is a primary design consideration. The M-HC2 is equipped with a 12-miron filter and visual filter condition indicator. Extend service life extended and avoid down time. All at only 9.5 kg weight with a convenient lifting handle to go where needed.

See for yourself: miniBOOSTER M-HC2 in action

Have a look at mobile hydraulics in action with this demonstration video from miniBOOSTER to see how they can work for you.

MiniBOOSTER M-HC2 benefits at a glance

ROMHELD can match the right miniBOOSTER for you

We know what we’re talking about.

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