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Gripping Systems Update: New rotary unit ERT from SCHUNK

Romheld Automation is proud to bring Australian and NZ users the latest rotary unit ERT from Schunk. The ERT is great to implement flexible, compact system concepts — used as a rotary plate for components, assembly groups and tools — as a rotary module for gantry solutions or as a high-precision positioning module.

The versatile, and mechatronic SCHUNK ERT rotary unit allows flexible, and dynamically rotational movements in confined spaces. It is almost wear-proof and maintenance-free. Even with an optional brake, which is actuated directly via the controller, the height of the SCHUNK ERT remains unchanged.

This is a novelty on the market and creates excellent prerequisites for the most compact assembly and handling applications in the fields of electronics, medical technology, laboratory technology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and solar. It is also great for space-optimised applications in the field of mechanical engineering, laser machining or for packaging processes.

See how easy it is to commission the Schunk rotary unit ERT

This video demonstrates the complete commissioning of the flattest rotary unit ERT with electric brake and absolute encoder of assembly and handling technology.

With the ERT, flexible and compact system concepts can be realized – as a rotary table for components, assemblies and tools as well as a rotary module on gantry solutions, as a rotary indexing table or as a high-precision positioning module.

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Variants and options for individual system concepts

High payloads or short cycle times: Rotary modules and swivel units have to provide ever higher performance when it comes to handling and assembly applications.

SCHUNK has consistently expanded its module range for rotative movementsand offers matching components for any application. The intelligent mechatronic SCHUNK rotary modules can be easily incorporated into any system and control unit without any effort. Completely new is the versatile rotary unit ERT from SCHUNK. The ERT is currently the flattest rotary unit with electric brake on the market: It is very compact and almost wear- and maintenance-free! It is ideal for flexible and dynamically rotatory movements.

The ERT is based on a permanently energized torque motor, equipped with an absolute encoder, and also ensures quick response times, high torques, and immediate repeat accuracy of 0.01° with no need for a reference run.

To ensure the maximum flexibility during control and regulation strategies, it is possible to use drive controllers from different manufacturers, so the module can be integrated seamlessly into existing system architectures.

In the event of a standstill the optionally available unit with a brake reliably fixes its position without changing the height of the unit, even if an external force effects the unit.

SCHUNK ERT at-a-glance

Three sizes 12, 50, and 300 with nominal torques of 1.5 Nm, 7.8 Nm, and 32 Nm

  • Outside diameter of 120 mm, 167 mm, and 277 mm
  • Mass moment of inertia of 0.07 kgm2, 0.39 kgm2 and 5.53 kgm2
  • Standard plug connector (M12/M17)
  • Torque motor with high precision, highly dynamic, and fast response times
  • Extremely flat design with low interfering contour for high power density
  • Absolute measuring system: No reference run required
  • Not bound to drive controller: Simple integration with almost any system architecture

This is a highly intelligent rotary module. See a range of SCHUNK systems in their catalogue. Be sure to get in touch with us to find out more on 1800 465 348.


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