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Schunk Tendo goes Digital

Combining the excellent features of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with digital process monitoring, the iTENDO2 is one great toolholder.

SCHUNK sets another milestone with the new iTENDO2 for metal cutting. With real-time capable data reporting, SCHUNK offers this form of process optimisation with a toolholder that’s remarkably easy to adopt.

Going digital in manufacturing has its challenges. The need for processes to be more precise, reliable and faster requires intelligent solutions and components to intervene in real time. This helps minimize rejects, reduce production times and increase overall quality and efficiency even in small batch sizes.

The intelligent iTENDO2 toolholder is the first non-wear part “closest to the part” and ideal for signal acquisition.

See the iTENDO2 in action


For countersinking the iTENDO2 monitors compliance with the surface for quality and process control while documenting features critical to the function.


The edges on a workpiece surface are deburred with a brush operation. As the brush wears, the infeed must be readjusted. The iTENDO2 enables automatic infeed.

iTENDO2 highlights at-a-glance

  • Real-time capable data communication and process analysis
  • No change to external contour, no restrictions on use of coolants. Can replace standard toolholders 1:1.
  • Process transparency through intuitive user interface and process-specific apps.
  • Speeds of rotation up to 30,000 RPM make a wide range of applications possible

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Talk to Romheld Automation to adopt the iTENDO2 toolholder to your tablet PC with a simple click and follow the detection process in real time with parameters set to your exact limits.

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